Cell Phone & Tablet Security

You need Cell Phone Protection Now! – It’s about protecting you, not your data.

  • Mobile phones are the next frontier for hackers
  • All they need is your phone number
  • If a hacker took over your phone, you would never know
  • A hacker can discover all your passwords within seconds
  • Your device reports all your private info to any hacker
  • Your phone can be used to distribute other hacking systems
  • Your phone can be used to control security cameras, baby monitors or even drones
  • Your identity can be used to mask the spread of this malware
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Multi-Device Security for Cell Phones and Tablets

If you already have Antivirus software to protect your PC or Laptop then why not protect your tablet and cell phone, as well? After all, your Smart phone now has more computing power than your first computer. Your iPad or Tablet and Smart Phone are just as vulnerable to cyber attacks as your computers. If you are looking at Facebook or reading your emails on these devices then you are automatically linked to all your systems, opening them up to attack. You will be surprised how little it costs to protect all your devices.

Be safe with a Personal Firewall when you are out and about connecting via public Wi-Fi hotspots. Be protected using the Internet and avoid fake sites with Anti-phishing. Be sure with award winning software trusted by millions worldwide and rely on local New Zealand support from the team at Cell Phone & Computer Security.

Find out how little it costs to protect your devices.

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