Peter McKaskell

I’ve made it my mission to raise the awareness of both individuals and businesses about the frequency of Ransomware attacks. Massive hacker attacks are being reported every week by mainstream media while the New Zealand Government has recorded an average of 108 attacks per day on businesses, both large and small.

As a licensed security advisor, I have been assisting people for over 20 years, to protect their personal and business property. Now, it is a logical step for me to help people protect their digital property. In the same way, that in any street, a house without a burglar alarm is more vulnerable to a break-in, so too a computer without both antivirus and ransomware protection, is very vulnerable to an attack.

I have researched various protection systems and have found two very effective yet economical methods that provide adequate protection to individual computers as well a business computer systems. I am happy to spend the time to demonstrate, in an easy to understand way, how these systems work.

To arrange a meeting, call me anytime, on 03 364-8195.