Ransomware – Now the Biggest Cybersecurity Threat

Get protected from attacks that your Antivirus can’t block!


99 countries hit with Ransomware attack on Friday 12th May.

Britain’s National Health system crippled as operations and appointments cancelled.

This worldwide cyber attack was a ransomware cryptoworm known as WannaCry.

By the end of the weekend, 230,000 infected sites had been identified in over 150 countries.

Do you really believe it will never happen to you?

Again on Wednesday 28th June another massive Ransomware attack starting in Europe and spreading as far as Australia including the Cadbury chocolate factory in Hobart.

This one is a type of the Petya strain.

With this attack there’s a difference: it drops a malware cocktail which encrypts then harvests all your confidential data like passwords and financial files.

These attacks are increasing exponentially.

It’s not a case of “if” you will be attacked but “when” you will be attacked.

Maybe not this year but sooner or later it will happen to you.


Ransomware is malicious software that locks up your computer files in order to extort money from you. In the last 12 months there has been a massive increase in these attacks on both small business and personal computers. Cyber crime has become bigger than the global drug trade. In New Zealand, there is an average of 108 Ransomware attacks per day.

It is not only the inconvenience of having to buy new hardware but the psychological effect of knowing that someone has invaded your privacy and, even when fixed, could always be lurking in the background. On top of that, it is a total nightmare if you haven’t backed up all your files. On average, it is costing companies around $10,000 to restore their computer systems after a cyber attack even when they have good back-up systems.

How would you feel if it happened to you? Would you know how to handle a cyber attack? In the USA, 60% of businesses who suffer a Ransomware attack close down within 6 months.

Find the Solution

Heimdal Security

The affordable solution that begins where the Antivirus ends.

Heimdal gives you an extra layer of protection. Antivirus software looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic, therefore they cover different aspects of security. The Heimdal security software was developed in 2011 by the 19th and 20th team Defcon CTF world champions in hacking. Heimdal is software developed by experts who understand the systems that the hackers use.


The Heimdal product is a unique traffic based PC protection combined with an Enterprise scale patching system. The Heimdal Professional version is designed to block 85% of the delivery of attacks from infected domains and websites while patching 65% of the attack angles through Java, Adobe Flash, Quicktime and other software. It is a proactive blocking and removal system for attacks and a necessary addition to Antivirus.

Small businesses are attacked just as much as the Corporates because the hackers know that small business owners don’t give enough attention to their security and are unprepared to deal with advanced cyber attacks. Heimdal is an affordable easy to install solution for all businesses. Cell Phone & Computer Security gives full Heimdal support to all business owners throughout New Zealand.

Ransomware creators know that consumers, homeowners and families are the most vulnerable to attack. These are the people who know least what to do and often fall into the hackers’ traps. The good old kiwi attitude of “She’ll be right, it won’t happen to me!’ is our biggest problem. Cell Phone & Computer Security is offering protection for the whole family for the price of less than a coffee per week.

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